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I live with a myriad of chronic illnesses and chronic pain.

 I own a pug Bugsy and a boston terrier Lola and a cat named Eris.

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mentally ill people can be confusing and belligerent and unfriendly and ungrateful and violent and not want to be medicated and STILL be entirely fucking deserving of your help and support lmao you don’t just get to handpick the nice ones

So Husband’s interview thingy seemingly went really well. The guy who was watching him is the head of the department, the person who would be Husband’s boss. He told Husband that if it were only up to him, he would have hired Husband on the spot. 😁 The Other Applicant still had to come in though. Husband thinks he was coming in today or tomorrow. After that, the guy who watched Husband, the guy who’s watching Other Applicant, and the head of HR are going to get together and discuss.

Hopefully everything goes our way. On the plus side, the head of the department doesn’t like Other Applicant at all and loves Husband. But the HR head loves Other Applicant, because they both have an engineering degree. That is literally the only reason. He has no work experience whatsoever. Ugh.

Anyways, now it’s just another waiting game. I don’t think my nerves are going to settle until we know something. Everything moves so slow in Florida!

blacksentai replied to your post “I’m a bundle of nerves and anxiety today”

can you find some distraction activities?

I’m trying! I’m so anxious that I spent a good hour hanging out and talking with my mother-in-law (which you know is unusual for me). We’re both on edge right now, so it was actually really nice to have someone to commiserate with. 

I think I’m going to try spending some time making a new Sim on Sims 3 and build a house and stuff. That usually keeps me occupied for a while, even when I don’t end up playing the character :/

Hopefully I’ll have good news today!

You don't have to like being disabled


This is what I think disability acceptance means:

  • Facing what your abilities are and aren’t
  • Accepting yourself as already having value
  • Living your life now and doing things you care about.
  • Not putting your life on hold waiting for a cure

But, some kinds of acceptance…



So I finally got my walker! (thank you again to those of you who helped me out with getting it) I went to the craft store and got a bunch of stuff and decorated it, because I just can’t deal with a plain walker :p Everything (besides the rhinestones) can easily be removed if need be. I’m so happy with it, isn’t it cute?!?!?! If anyone has any questions on how I did any of this or where I got my materials please don’t be afraid to ask me! Id love to help someone deck out their mobility aid

This is AMAZING, ratmom69!!! Love it!!


Black Dentist In All-White Practice Forced To Resign Over Ferguson Posts



Black Dentist In All-White Practice Forced To Resign Over Ferguson Posts

Will those stellar free-speech advocates on the right stand up for Dr. Misee Harris, or will they remain silent?

Dr. Misee Harris, who also was the Black Bachelorette, just found herself in an impossible situation after posting support for Ferguson and Mike Brown’s family on her private Facebook page. Dr. Harris was given a choice to resign or shut up. Here’s the story:

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I’m a bundle of nerves and anxiety today


We use language in various forms from the moment we’re born until the moment we die. To pretend or argue that it has no power, that it can’t be used to marginalize and oppress, that it can’t be violent, that it can’t be used to murder, is either immensely disingenuous, or completely naive.


can we please destroy this idea that a person has to talk to you every minute of every day to like you

texting all day is not natural

forced communication all hours of the day is not natural

Does anyone have that post about why it’s not ok to wear straightjackets for Halloween?